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المعرض السعودي للترفيه والتسلية
20 - 22 مايو 2025 | 3 مساءً - 9 مساءً
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Simtec Systems Gmbh

Simtec Systems Gmbh

Simtec Systems – German innovation in motion!

Simtec is one of the leading entertainment attraction suppliers, especially for flying theatres, customized simulator systems, FUNRIDE motion simulator rides (closed and open cabin) as well as interactive dark rides.

Simtec provides, turn-key solutions for top-class simulation attractions including media content, theming, special effects, AV technology and screens.

HEXaFLITE® Flying Theatre and HEXaFLITE®mini

The system design of the HEXaFLITE® allows full 6-DOF movements right from the beginning of the ride in the loading position. This possibility combines a traditional motion-based simulator ride with a flying theatre - more fun and thrills right from the start. Starting the motion in loading position and continuing the motion while moving into show position vastly expands the opportunities for creating new experiences.

The HEXaFLITE 4, 8 and 10 mini has been developed especially for reduced ceiling heights and limited spaces. The system is an absolute must for every FEC.

The HEXaFLITE® systems are available in various sizes from a 4-seater up to a 72-seater.

Our FUNRIDE OCS (Open Cabin Simulator) product line has been in successful operation for the last 20 years. It can also be operated as an exciting Immersive Tunnel Attraction!

The combination of 2D or 3D images, motion impressions and additional special effects such as rain, heat, wind, scent and seat vibration take guests on an unbelievable journey.

The integration of these effects – both visual and physical – provides an immersive experience in simulator attraction technology.

The FUNRIDE OCS TR (On Track) is a special FUNRIDE version. The motion system is mounted on a platform which allows moving the system through or into a dome theatre.

Our FUNRIDE CCS is a closed cabin simulator. The closed cabin enhances the possibilities of customized sound projection. Guests enter a themed closed cabin with projection screens and feel like walking into another world.

Our FUNRIDE motion-based systems are available from 2 – 100 guests!

Interactive DARK RIDE

Our Interactive Dark Ride combines the traditional dark ride concept with the fun of competition.

Vehicles move along a lane (track guided or trackless) through an interactive world. The whole system is fully adaptable to any customer request: scalable capacity - several vehicles can be combined to form trains and several trains can drive around the track, on- and off-board special effects, customizable lane layout, individual game and scoring system, renewable content - there are no limits!






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