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المعرض السعودي للترفيه والتسلية
20 - 22 مايو 2025 | 3 مساءً - 9 مساءً
واجهة الرياض مركز المعارض والمؤتمرات



Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo Hero

Guangzhou ZhuoYuan Virtual Reality Tech Co., LTD

  • Facility, Grounds & Participatory Equipments
  • Games & Devices
  • Rides
  • Water-Related Equipment & Supplies
Guangzhou ZhuoYuan Virtual Reality Tech Co., LTD

FuninVR provides comprehensive one-stop services and solution tailoring to customers' need, including store location, decoration design, installation & operation training, marketing planning, equipment repailand maintenance, movie update, system upgrade, etc.
Professional Facotory of manufacture 5D/7D Cinema + 9D VR Simulator machine and the best VR entertainment solution to help you start a VR theme park. Provide you with high quality and best after-sales service, and become your reliable partner! A variety of VR game consoles, a large number of free VR movies and games, to create the best immersive VR experience.




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  • VR Battleship

    08 مار 2024
    ·Classical design like a dinosaur egg. ·Double seats, Site availability. ·Low investment, Create high profit. ·Rich contents, satisfy different people. ·Variety of special effects. ·Excited and immers ...
  • VR Fighter Aircraft

    08 مار 2024
    Cool J-20 appearance attract more consumers. The action of simulating the real aircraft is more immersive. Innovative and high quality VR content, self-controlled mode brings more thrill. High-end joy ...
  • VR Racing Kart

    08 مار 2024
    Simulate real karting shape. ·Support Multiplayer competition. ·Restore the operation of karting. ·Customize the exclusive contents. ·Support tracker to catch props. ·With Strong interaction.
  • VR Drop Tower

    08 مار 2024
    4.2m² crowd magnet gaming equipment, constant screams of excitement. Multi-functional frequent conversion and acceleration, continuous shock and excitement of over-weight and weightlessness. Multiple ...
  • VR Racing Moto

    08 مار 2024
    ·Fashionable streamlined body. ·Full of modern technological sense. ·Support multi-player and single-player racing mode. ·Easy to move. ·Cover a small area. ·Contain exclusive racing contents. ·Fantas ...
  • VR Magic UFO

    08 مار 2024
    Highly simulated flying saucer apprearance Gear transmission 360° slewing +crank tilting technology brings crazy movement. Highly matching of content and equipment action.The number of excluswe VR hot ...
  • FuninVR Virtual Reality Theme Park

    20 أكت 2023 FuninVR

    Virtual Reality Theme Park-VR Star Park is the most popular concept of VR nowadays. It's suitable for the shopping mall, amusement park, science museum, game center, theme park, water park, ect.

  • FuninVR Brochure

    08 مار 2024 FuninVR
    Zhuoyuan Co.,Ltd (sub-brand FuninVR) Provide one-stop service about VR Theme Park, we designs and manufactures the full set VR Simulator, 5D cinema,7D cinema, 9D VR simulator, Flight Simulator.
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