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المعرض السعودي للترفيه والتسلية
20 - 22 مايو 2025 | 3 مساءً - 9 مساءً
واجهة الرياض مركز المعارض والمؤتمرات



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Eloize Entertainment

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A driving force in Quebec’s cultural scene for the past 30 years, Cirque Éloize creates, produces and stages content that enchants audiences. A recognized leader in the contemporary circus, Cirque Éloize weds the circus arts with music, dance, technology and theatre to enthrall spectators looking for meaningful entertainment. Its original productions have been embraced by over 5 million spectators at over 6,000 performances in more than 600 cities around the world. The company has also participated in the world’s most prestigious festivals. In addition to its touring shows, Cirque Éloize has created, designed and produced over 1,800 events in its Dalhousie Station studios in Montreal and on stages around the world.




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  • Eloize Entertainment

    07 ماي 2024 EE
  • Eloize Enterainment

    07 ماي 2024 EE
  • Eloize Entertainment

    07 ماي 2024 EE
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