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20 - 22 مايو 2025 | 3 مساءً - 9 مساءً
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21 أبر 2024

Navigate the great indoors with new indoor, multi-level mapping Hall: 3 Stand: 3C261

Navigation and wayfinding are a critical part of the guest experience, and a fully branded, intuitive digital map heightens immersion while busting friction points across the guest journey. Today, we're excited to introduce our new Indoor Mapping, to help attractions, museums and galleries map complex indoor spaces.

Taking the maps indoors

Mapping indoor attractions is notoriously difficult. GPS positioning can be unreliable, and other technical solutions such as RFID and triangulation methods are still in the works.

After interviewing staff from indoor attractions such as aquariums and museums, it became clear that the cultural sector faces challenges with guests getting lost and having difficulty locating their preferred exhibits or activities. Even at outdoor attractions, guests tend to lose navigation features when they head into a building, which is an issue for zoos with insectariums or aquariums, or even just navigating the hotel at theme parks. With’s new indoor mapping feature, operators can add multiple terrain levels to create interactive maps of multi-level on-site buildings, whether there’s one floor or 20+ floors.

Using point-to-point wayfinding, guests can get directions to and from anywhere on site. For example, they might be in the cafe at lunchtime and want to plan their route to make the most of their afternoon. Guests can also opt to avoid uneven terrain, such as stairs, if accessibility is a concern.

“Traditional navigation tools often fall short in complex, multi-level spaces, leaving guests and operators in need of a solution that's more reliable and connected. So that's precisely what we aimed to address with our new Indoor, multi-level maps. Our commitment at has always been to connect the whole guest journey, and the launch of Indoor Mapping is a prime example of us delivering on this. It's about more than helping guests find their way; it's about creating a connected, memorable, and effortless experience for every visitor. We're excited to see how our partners leverage this new tool to further enrich their guests' visits.” - Peter O'Dare, VP of Product


Indoor mapping is available in the MapLayr SDK and in the mobile app platform, for cultural attractions and resorts that want to offer guests a comprehensive service that includes access to tickets, photos, food ordering, and day planning all in one place

For outdoor attractions with on-site buildings, guests using the map can seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor spaces. As they move close to a building with Indoor Mapping enabled (or hovering over one inside the map), the indoor map will reveal itself. They can then choose wayfinding routes in exactly the same fashion as they would outdoors by interacting with specific points of interest.

As with all’s maps and wayfinding solutions, guests get a beautiful hand-illustrated map tailored to the attraction’s branding and colour scheme. They can also utilise a full range of map effects, like as dynamic lighting and animation, to bring their experience to life.

To learn more about our Indoor Mapping solution, visit 

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